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  • Jürg Schmidt

Procter & Gamble: Der Makel des Online Marketings.

Zu wenig transparent und nicht messbar.

Procter & Gamble, einer der grössten Advertiser weltweit, ist seit Herbst 2016 kritisch zur Performance ihrer Online-Budgets (NYT):

Marc S. Pritchard, the chief brand officer for Procter & Gamble, has been advocating for more transparency in the digital advertising industry.

"...The entire murky, nontransparent and in some cases fraudulent supply chain is the problem. It’s a bigger problem than just any one thing. There’s too much we don’t know and we don’t have validated.

... Ads showing up on objectionable sites, that’s bad. Ads showing up to bots, through searching, that’s bad. Ads that you place that don’t really get measured by a third party that validates what’s right — that’s not so good, either. There’s a number of things in the digital media supply chain — even ads that aren’t viewable or close to viewable."

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